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Upcoming Presentation – SharePoint For Developers – Part 2

Back in September, I presented part 1 of my PowerShell for SharePoint Developers talk where I provided a generic introduction to PowerShell.    As a follow-up, I will be presenting Part 2 on November 16th at the SharePoint Developers User group where we will start by reviewing key PowerShell concepts discussed in Part 1, then look at SharePoint PowerShell implementation as well explore the various categories of SharePoint specific PowerShell CmdLets.    Finally we will apply the concepts in scripts manipulating the SharePoint object model.

Details and registration can be found at:

Hope to see you there.

LightSwitch Talk at the NYC Silverlight Meetup.

On Thursday October 13, I presented my talk titled “Light up your out-of-the-box LightSwitch application” to a group of about 30 developers.   I was surprised to know that at least one individual was already looking at deploying production applications using LightSwitch while a number of others were interested.   The talk centered around the customization of LightSwitch application including the use of custom or third-party extensions. Basically a slightly modified version of the Code Camp NYC talk.

Windows PowerShell Command Builder

This week Microsoft released a SilverLight based tool called PowerShell Command Builder. The visual tool utilizes a drag-and-drop to assist with PowerShell commands. SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Office 365 are the only supported products.

The tool is available from Technet and the Getting Started Guide can be downloaded from Microsoft Download site.

The tool runs SilverLight in-browser, but it can be installed with out-of-browser on the local user’s machine.

Windows PowerShell Command Builder

Upcoming Presentation – LightSwitch at SilverlightNYC

I will be giving yet another LightSwitch and Extensions session at the NYC WPF & Silverlight meetup on Thursday October 13, 2011

CodeCampNYC 2011 was great.

LightSwitch CodeCampNYC (Thanks to Martin Zietarski)

Saturday October 1st was a great day for me.  It was my first time speaking at a code camp and it was very exciting.     It was great to see familiar faces from the local WPF and Silverlight meetup as well as seeing Rich Dudley, ComponentOne’s evangelist.

The session went very well.  I had a number of great questions from the attendees.   As is the case in many sessions on new topics, a number of people had never seen nor used the product and so here I was targeting a developer audience for a product meant to an information worker or a junior developer.  I ended up given a 20 minute product overview and wrote a simple application on the fly before demonstrating the extensibility options.  All in the all the session was very good.

At the speaker dinner party, I was asked about the possibility of giving the same or similar talk at two other local community groups in the next few months, so if you missed it and are interested, stay tuned.

Slides and Code Samples can be found here