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PowerShell for SharePoint Developers – Part 2

On November 16, I gave a presentation to a room full of SharePoint Developers and Admins on the use of PowerShell in SharePoint. This was a follow-up presentation to the PowerShell instroduction presentation I gave back in September. I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces from the NYC Metro SharePoint community. Even more surprising, the positive feedback received.

Thanks to all those who showed up.

Download slide deck below.

Upcoming Presentation – SharePoint For Developers – Part 2

Back in September, I presented part 1 of my PowerShell for SharePoint Developers talk where I provided a generic introduction to PowerShell.    As a follow-up, I will be presenting Part 2 on November 16th at the SharePoint Developers User group where we will start by reviewing key PowerShell concepts discussed in Part 1, then look at SharePoint PowerShell implementation as well explore the various categories of SharePoint specific PowerShell CmdLets.    Finally we will apply the concepts in scripts manipulating the SharePoint object model.

Details and registration can be found at:

Hope to see you there.

Windows PowerShell Command Builder

This week Microsoft released a SilverLight based tool called PowerShell Command Builder. The visual tool utilizes a drag-and-drop to assist with PowerShell commands. SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Office 365 are the only supported products.

The tool is available from Technet and the Getting Started Guide can be downloaded from Microsoft Download site.

The tool runs SilverLight in-browser, but it can be installed with out-of-browser on the local user’s machine.

Windows PowerShell Command Builder

PowerShell for Sharepoint – Part 1

On Wednesday September 21, 2011 I gave a presentation to a tech hungry group of SharePoint professionals at theNYC SharePoint Developers User Group at Microsoft’s NYC office in midtown NYC (

I had planned on giving a 2 part session consisting of an introduction to PowerShell followed by PowerShell application for the SharePoint professionals.     This all changed when I surveyed the group’s familiarity with PowerShell.  I decided to provide more details on PowerShell to give everyone solid foundation.    At the same time, the group almost unanimously asked for a follow-up session as there was not enought time to cover both topics in the same session.

As I write this, I received an invitation from the Kathryn and Ryan to return for a follow-up session.    I will post the details when it’s available.

Here’s a link to the slides:

Download Slide Deck

Upcoming presentation – PowerShell for SharePoint.

I’ll be presenting PowerShell at the NYC SharePoint Developers User Group this Wednesday September 21 details at

See you there.