Windows 8 Virtual Labs

Microsoft has released a set of Virtual Labs for Windows 8 development.  These are nice as the only requirement is a browser; no setup nor complicated installation needed.

See links at

Upcoming Presentation – Extending LightSwitch Apps

I am excited to be presenting my talk on extending Lightswitch applications at the NYC .Net Developers Group.
For details please see the registration page at:


Winning!!! Windows 8 Tablet from Pluralsight

Yesterday, was one of those crazy days. While on the phone working out details of my next consulting contract, I found out via twitter that I was the winner of the Pluralsight Windows 8 Tablet.  Wow, I could not believe it.   Since I did not attend //build, I was hoping to get one of those tablet sometime before Windows 8 launch date, but I decided to wait for the right time.   Now, thanks to Pluralsight, I will have one and just in time for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 beta.

Then I needed to get ready to run some errands, and then another email came in for another potential  contract, nice.

Of course, I needed more, so I decided to attend a Parallel Data Warehouse talk at the NYC SQL User Group at the Microsoft Office in midtown NYC and what happens, I win the raffle for an Amazon gift certificate. Weird in a good way.

So thank you Pluralsight and Thanks to the NYC SQL User Group for making my day!!!.



PowerShell for SharePoint Developers – Part 2

On November 16, I gave a presentation to a room full of SharePoint Developers and Admins on the use of PowerShell in SharePoint. This was a follow-up presentation to the PowerShell instroduction presentation I gave back in September. I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces from the NYC Metro SharePoint community. Even more surprising, the positive feedback received.

Thanks to all those who showed up.

Download slide deck below.

Upcoming Presentation – SharePoint For Developers – Part 2

Back in September, I presented part 1 of my PowerShell for SharePoint Developers talk where I provided a generic introduction to PowerShell.    As a follow-up, I will be presenting Part 2 on November 16th at the SharePoint Developers User group where we will start by reviewing key PowerShell concepts discussed in Part 1, then look at SharePoint PowerShell implementation as well explore the various categories of SharePoint specific PowerShell CmdLets.    Finally we will apply the concepts in scripts manipulating the SharePoint object model.

Details and registration can be found at:

Hope to see you there.